Lily Cleaning Services

Now providing daily cleaning & maid solutions across the whole Bekaa area.

.نؤمن حلول و خدمات في البقاع

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We provide cleaning, care and handy work services on a permanent or temporary basis. Guaranteed quality and satisfactory cleaning at affordable prices for your home or office. Starting at $5/Hour for daily or monthly schedules fully customizable to fit your needs.

.نؤمن عمال نظافة للمنازل والمكاتب، تنظيف زجاج ابنية، سجاد وموكيت و غيرها من الخدمات

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For your Home or Business

Cleaning provided for domestic apartments or commercial offices.

Carpet and Window Cleaning

We sweep carpets or any other flooring you might have.

Various Cleaning Services

We take care of your ironing, laundry or any other house chores!

Mobile Car Wash Coming Soon

Get you car washed right infront of your door soon!

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